E-Commerce Packages

Selling online could not be easier by having your own e-commerce platform! Having every product digitalized in your own e-commerce platform makes it easier to automatically collect data, manage your own product displays, analyze your customers’ shopping behavior, and control your own profit margin!

Below are the e-commerce web design packages and pricing we offer:

Slide E-Commerce Design & Development Simple, Advance & Professional Features PAYMENT GATEWAY Multiple payment gateway via visa, e-wallet, iPay88, Wechat Pay, Boost etc. COUPON MANAGEMENT (CMS) Create types of coupon discount (percentage) expiry date, minimum spending CUSTOMIZED DESIGN Fully customizable to achieve your business mission and goals MARKETING & ADVERTISING Ideas and advisory on how to market your business online 1-STOP SOLUTION Domain registration, domain renewal, hosting setup, logo design, and more ANALYTIC & REPORTING Organized data in order to gain valuable insights on to improve their performance

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